The house is smelling like pork roast!

The market saved about 5lbs of  pork fat for me.  I brought it home, cut it up, added a little water to the slow cooker along with the pork fat.  It’s already changed colors, but hasn’t started floating yet.  We’ll have lard tomorrow!  

Our forebearers did this outside in big pots after the butchering was done.   It is time consuming (mostly in the cutting up the fat)…fortunately, it doesn’t take much attention.  Don’t even have to stir unless you just feel a need.

I’m excited…I’ve never rendered fat to make my own lard.  I’ve never cooked with lard…or baked with it.  My understanding is that everything will be crispier, breads will be flakier…CAN’T WAIT!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat



7 responses to “The house is smelling like pork roast!

  1. That’s all my MIL ever baked with and yes, the pie crusts were flakier and the breads lighter. of course she also refused to use the electric stove when she baked. she preferred the wood stove. I spent several thanksgiving weekends on the farm after we were married. That was also butchering weekend for them. Big kettles on the open fires for all the various parts of the pig that got cooked and then made into something. The hams and shoulders into the smoke house to be cured. Lots of memories.

    • You know, I remember Grandma Wharton stirring the lard pot, but I don’t remember anyone butchering hogs. They raised chickens and someone always had to catch dinner on Sundays… someone must’ve butchered something for her to have the fat to make the lard. My Granddad Fulton was a butcher for a meat market….maybe he brought her the fat…they’re all gone now, so I’ll never know. Sad.

  2. oh you must make some biscuits! Those will be grand, and pie crusts! So going with an old tradition using a new fangled crock pot…how about that?!!!
    Did you research how to render it? I’m curious about how you knew what to do. Oh and you could make your own soap too!

    • LOL…I hadn’t thought about the crock pot angle. I did research how to render after I read about it on a blogsite (see next comment/answer) Suzanne has a wonderful tutorial with lots of pics to walk one through the process.

      Soap making appeals to me. I love all the specialty soaps for the bathroom soap dishes!

  3. Let us know exactly how you are doing this. I live in fear that when I need some lard that it will be decided enough people don’t use it anymore so it will be unavailable in the market. I seem to only use it for pie crust dough. Maybe I’ll give it a go in biscuits, hmmmm.

  4. wow Susan, how cool is that! My grandmother made all her pies with real home made lard, also fried her chicken…the best on this earth in the same…I can remember her iron skillet would be at least an inch deep in lard….I so love fried chicken to this day! It is my comfort food.