Wet and soggy kitty

We’ve had some rains  ~ YEAH!   We certainly would love to have much more over the next few weeks.   What we’ve had hasn’t been enough to reduce the fire danger.   The VFD was called out Tuesday afternoon for a burn pile that got out of hand….burned about 3 acres.  Then the wind picked up a little and it flaired up about 11PM so out they went again.   Finally go it out and got back home sometime after midnight.   We received a half inch of rain this afternoon…and looking for more tonight.

I was outside calling and calling for ApatcheKat this evening…she didn’t answer and didn’t come which is very unusual.   I came back in the house and was looking out a window when I saw her looking in from on top of the fireplace.   She wanted to come in the window, but it doesn’t open.   Ever the sweet husband and kitty lover, Ernie got the ladder and went out to rescue her.   That was a trip!  

Apatche did jump up on the roof and slid off back onto the fireplace surround…about 12′ in the air.   When Ernie got up to her,  she let him carry her down and into the house.   Look at this face…those trusting eyes…think she’s asking why it took so long to see where she was and come get her?

She was one wet kitty.  All she wanted was something to eat and someone to love on her.  She had been outside for 2 days and it rained both days.  Neither of us saw her this morning, so there’s no telling how long she was trapped on the fireplace.  Doubt Apatche will want to go out again anytime soon!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Wet and soggy kitty

  1. where is there a window at the top of a fireplace? is it over the area where the fire burns? how did she get there?

    • Our fireplace is brick inside and out. On the outside, on either side of the chimney there is a recessed area that’s flat and under the roof overhangs. There is a long narrow window on either side of the fireplace, not on top of it :-)

      Apatche got up there by first getting ontop of the roof from a tree. I think when it started raining, she jumped down onto the bricks…or she may have slid off the metal roof.

    • We’re both part of an all Volunteer force here. I can’t climb the trucks very well or haul hoses with my shoulder, so my part is rounding people up to put on the trucks that go out. We have a small fire house and 5 nice trucks! About 25 volunteers.