WooHoo! The Ghastlies have arrived!

My stashbusting efforts are being sabotaged by the internet!   I read other blogs, see fabric I just can’t be without…  tell me this is not the coolest fabric!   This is called “the ghastlies” and is from Alexander Henry fabrics 2009.

I bought a yard to showcase several of the figures in a Halloween quilt.   

This fabric should work well with the few pinks in my stash and the black tone on tones that I’ve accumulated over the years.   See…just this one teensy yard will allow me to use up a bunch more stash :-)    (sounds like good reasoning to me!).

I also bought a green tea green and 3 shades of Kona purples for my batik quilt…and none of the purples is the right one :-(  but I have a use for them!  They won’t spend much time in my stash…and I limited myself to 1/2 yd cuts.

Time to look at my pinks!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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