Return to Lard?

I’ve been reading up on good old fashioned home rendered LARD.   From the research, it sounds like we were fed a bunch of bunk about how much better for us all the “oils” are.    I’m not sure I agree anymore.  The more I read about back to nature, organic and the old unadulterated foods, the more convinced I’m becoming that “new and improved” doesn’t mean safer or healthier. 

We are what we eat!  So if you’re eating tons of chips, chocolates, fried foods that have been made with soy, palm, coconut, canola and other oils, you’re also getting the hydrogenation and additives that aren’t so good.   And for me,  I’m allergic to soy, palm and coconut oils.

I’m seriously thinking about rendering some lard for cooking and baking.  Foods brown better and breads/pastries are lighter and flakier.   As a matter of fact,  we already “render” and purify bacon grease…and this was from dinner.  Fried squashes…they were a little crispy on the outside and moist and tender inside.

Not only the lard issue is on my mind.  It seems that having a garden to eat from is much better than stuff that’s picked too early and trucked into the grocers.  If I grow it,  I know what’s been used  on the plants and in the soil.  That appeals to me.   With the allergy problems I’ve developed, controlling what’s in and on my food is a good thing.

Being able to dehydrate, can, freeze those same fruits/vegetables ensures having Summer’s bounty in the dead of winter!   Next year, a larger garden with even more varieties planted.   When it’s just 2 to plan and cook for,  it’s easy to put up enough stuff to last through the year.

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “Return to Lard?

  1. Yum, do those squash look tempting! I once took a Mexican Foods Cooking class, taught by a Mexican lady, and she pointed out to us how much crispier the tortillas were when fried in the old fashioned lard. Melba

  2. Susan, we are of like minds! I have been slowly returning to more of the “old fashioned” foods. And to tell you the truth I feel much better for it, my husband’s blood sugar levels are much better too. New fangled may be cooler but sometimes old fashioned is best! :o)

    • Us too as much as practicable. I’ve been reading up on foods and which ones provide the benefits we need…and working more of them into our diets. Did you know fresh pineapple contains bromilain…which is a natural anti-imflammatory. Good for those with diabeties. I’m thinking artificial sweeteners have lulled us into a sense of false health…and that we need to be looking at fresh juices and honey like our forebearers used.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. My grandmother used lard to fry chicken and hers was the best I’ve ever eaten, not only that she raised her own chickens and had her own rendered lard.
    I’ve been trying to follow the Paleo Diet, easily found on line and in book stores and it talks about the same thing, back to nature, grass fed meats, poultry, plenty of fresh veggies and fruits without additives. I’m down 10 pounds without really trying and I’m not going without. I had a great breakfast and had watermelon for lunch…yummy! I’m having steak and fresh veggies for dinner and cantalope. I don’t feel I’m missing out on a thing!
    Also the best chili on earth is made with suet, which you can rarely find anymore, the best is beef kidney suet so I’m told. Makes that chili so yummy!

    • congrats on the weight loss! What a nice bonus to your new dietary lifestyle. We’re doing much more fresh…vegetables and fruits than we’ve done in years past.

  4. Here’s another vote of approval. The closer to natural it is, the better for us. The best foods for us are the ones we’ve lived with the longest, the least processed, the freshest and the least “dolled up” when cooking.

    We’re now getting local fruit now, we’ve eaten a lot of berries in the last few days, and cherries. Oh yum. Dinner tonight, a wee steak done on the grill, strawberries and rhubarb, tiny red taters, and chard out of the garden. Mmmm…

    Sure wish we had some of those squashes…

    • Wish I could share the squashes…another neighbor just brought another bag of yellow summer squash and zuchinni.