The last Sunflower Standing —

Okay, so it’s only the last pretty Sunflower in my arrangement from yesterday’s cookout.  Most of the first flush of sunflowers is over, so there weren’t many to gather for my centerpiece.  I used the flash on this one, so it’s a little “garish” looking.

Once the sun started going down,  the deck cooled down enough to sit on the porch swing and pet “Swirl” the neighborhood Tom.  He’s gone from running from us to laying at our feet to be petted.  He comes when called…and he still gets his backside swatted for running, chasing and fighting with the other kitties.  He’s a big bully.   He spends most of his time laying on the deck, which discourages other bad kitties from coming around.  If he gets too bad about the fighting, all it takes is a little rattle of the bb gun and he’s gone.

Dinner tonight was leftover bbq chicken and potato salad.   Sure easy to “fix” and not a whole lot to wash up afterwards…probably shouldn’t matter to me since Ernie did both.   He even served strawberry shortcake for dessert!   We still haven’t cut the watermelon. 

Susan ~ Patchkat




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