Never too old (or tired) to learn something!

I’m a very amateur photographer.   I don’t know all the functions of my digital camera and I certainly don’t know all the features of the photo program I use the most, JASC Paint Shop Pro.   I’m still learning.  

We have Adobe PhotoShop too…and I know nearly nothing about using that program :-(     

On one of the Yahoo sewing machine groups, a link was posted for  adjusting the perspective in photos.

Talk about brilliant!   I practiced with the photo provided and I can do it!!!!   I can take the lean out of the buildings, out of fenceposts in my panoramic shots…and anything else that needs it.  How fun!   This was a link well worth saving…and if you don’t already know how to do this…check it out!

Tonight provided 2 lessons…the first in using a small portion of Adobe PS and the other in learning how to adjust the perspective!     We’re never too old to learn.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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