Holiday Entertaining

What do ya do when the hubby decides we need to invite the neighborhood to a cookout?   Used to be,  I’d grab my purse, jump in the van and head for the store.  Country living has stopped that.   Life is much simpler in the “great laid back land”.

Now,  we raid the garden and the refrigerator…come up with a little plate of appetizers.  Yep,  have the stuff for some queso to go with baked pita chips and tortilla chips.  

Entrees – Whip up some potato salad to go with the bbq chicken and grilled burgers.

Dessert – we bought a seedless melon the other day(hope it’s good!) and I have the makings for strawberry shortcake.  Need to whip up the cream and make the little cookie/cakes from scratch and we’re ready.

Have peach tea brewing along with a pitcher of regular tea…and I might make up some strawberry zinfindel punch…sliced strawberries would go well with that :-)

Off to clean up and set some tables!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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