Design Wall Monday

features scrappy Patriotic 9 Patch blocks…these are the scraps from the Woven Chevrons.  I cut ALL the scraps into 3.5″ squares with  9 patches in mind.   I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the sashings and borders.   Unlike JudyL,  I don’t design the borders first, lol.   That would take tooooo much math for me!

I’m thinking star sashing and plain borders.  This will probably end up lap rob size for a veteran in the nursing home.

I wish I could convince myself do this everytime I finish a quilt ~ immediately cut up the scraps and make a second quilt.   Maybe I  would get lots more done and I wouldn’t be keeping the scraps in the stash!  That would be a definite plus….

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Design Wall Monday

  1. Well, I don’t make a second quilt but if the scraps are still around after a few months, they go into the comfort quilt bin. These are usually quilts for local kids who have to be removed from their homes (many reasons).

    Love your quilt and know it will be well used and loved.

    • Thank you, Gari. I find I end up with bags and boxes of scraps…and once they get set to the side, I don’t get back to using them. I’m thinking by cutting them up and making right away, at least I’ll have blocks that I can pick up and use later.