New Block of the Month starting NOW!

will take you to the sidebar link for the general information.  On the left sidebar, right below this link is the one for the July block.

I’m doing my original blocks in brights with Kona Snow backgrounds.  

I’m thinking of cutting a second one in plaids using either tea dyed muslin or a Kona tan for the background.  Would make a cute quilt for a grandson!

Anyhow,  be sure to go check it out, add your email to the subscription box so you’ll be notified when the new blocks are posted.

Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “New Block of the Month starting NOW!

  1. Help!!! File opens as Notepad which y computer does not know how to read….no PDF’s this time??? :-(

    • Sherri…try again. I uploaded the wrong file :-( See what I get for trying to hurry!

  2. I feel so stupid !!!!
    I clicked on everything possible to click on and it sends me to a microsoft reply to you window. I clicked on the net thingy that it said to click. I just want the cutting directions. I love the look of the whole quilt. It would be perfect for my grandson. Thanks for helping me out.

  3. Thanks Susan, for helping me out. I couldn’t get the patterns for your other bom you had. I think it was a bom. I should have asked then. Sallie

    • LOL…it never hurts to ask for help. Glad this was a simple fix. Enjoy your stitching!