Ugh, ick, yuck…a day with a stomach bug :-(

Ernie was a tad bit under the weather last weekend…now I guess it’s my turn.  Last night was the stomach cramping, gut twisting, better be moving fast type of night.  I woke up with a headache from the dehydration.   Took some aspirin, drank a bottle of water…and decided to stay home. 

So far, the only thing I’ve accomplished is to wash the kitties breakfast plates.  Been drinking water and taking it easy.  Hope this passes (NO pun intended!) soon.

What do you do with  your old catalogs and magazines?    I’ve been going through the stacks I’ve collected pulling out recipes that sound interesting, articles I like, deco schemes that appeal.   If I haven’t mangled them too bad,  I take them into work to share.  Otherwise, it’s the dumpster.  We don’t recycle locally.   I’ve gone through the quilting magazines…I make copies of any patterns for my “to do” folder and carry the magazines to our local quilting ladies.  There’s just too much to possibly keep it all!  

I’ve been thinking about clutter and cleaning.   Lots to be done.  I’m such a pack rat when it comes to magazines, dishes, fabrics, clothing.  UGH.   Today,  thinking about it is all I can do, but I’m making plans!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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