Rooting Roses…Part 2

Back in the Spring, I posted about rose propagation from cuttings.

Here we are at the end of July, and it looks like 3 of the yellow climbers “took”!  There are 2 cuttings putting out new leaves and 1 that hasn’t, but it hasn’t died off.   I’m hoping all 3 live to be trnsplanted to larger containers for overwintering.  I’m excited to say the least.  I’m planning to try more cuttings in the Fall.

We’ve been watching this guy for awhile.  Not sure where it’s denned up, but the kitties just ignore it in it’s travels around the yard.   This is Grubber the armadillo…he/she is full grown and pretty good sized.

One more interesting garden photo for tonight….

Guess even wasps need to eat.  Doesn’t matter that the wolf spider was much, much larger.  The wasp is upside down pulling the spider up onto the deck.

And not to be shorted their place in the spotlight, here are the boys…Bear and Blondie.  Sleeping and sunning in the light from the sliding door.

That’s it for tonight.  Just had to show you the roses!

Susan ~ Patchkat



We received about 2″ of much needed, much appreciated rain this evening. 

 We have standing water under the Hackberry trees…there’s a retaing wall to the left, so this creates a little waterfall.  

The street was a rushing, running river for nearly an hour.  Blondie is surveying his wet domain (bottom of the picture).


Rain doesn’t slow the birdies down – this wall of houses has 2 families in residence.  The top left with license plate roof has a family of wrens as does the one on the bottom right hanging from the turqious  turquoise board.  It’s fun to watch the parents come up to feed.  There is also a kitty who sits right below waiting for a meal.  I hope she’s not successful! 

Fraidykat would rather enjoy the easy life.  He waited til I got up and grabbed my place on the loveseat.   You’ll notice the heating pad on the sofa arm… and the fact that Fraidy has a toehold on the cushion.  With his head turned, he thinks he’s invisible.  SILLY CAT ;-)

Dr. office called late this afternoon.  When he reviewed the X-rays, he found something.   I’ll find out in the AM.  Trying not to worry about it right now.

Susan ~ Patchkat



We were there…tech shoved my shoulder into the holder…and insisted on laying my arm flat…after I yelled from the pain, he backed off.  That was the end of the MRI.   We came home, but I couldn’t get past the pain.  Back to the hospital.  We got home from the ER about 8PM.  They finally took x-rays.  Nothing dislocated.   DR wants me in a shoulder immobilizer until Tuesday.  Looks really dorky (there will be no photos!), but it’s nice having the shoulder supported.  

I’ll have to reschedule thr MRI somewhere they have an open MRI.  That way, my elbows can stick out.   :-)

Needless to say, there is no sewing, quilting or canning this week.

Susan ~ Patchkat




Cafe World…

What a waste of good time….and I’m having a ball playing!  I can’t do much of anything else right now, but I can type 1 handed and pick out food to cook and re-deocorate at will.    Even on the computer it’s amazing how many basic tasks really require 2 hands.

Had another visit with PCP today.  Shot of Tordal and a handful of scrips for pain pills and my muscles are still spasming.   Will have an MRI tomorrow.   I sure am fed up with hurting.  Ernie is being good as gold.  He’s cooking and cleaning.  I’m sure having to dress me isn’t tops on his list of daily chores, LOL.

Time for pills and some shut eye time  :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


Going a zillion different directions

and getting nothing done.   They say the Good Lord won’t give you more than you can handle…but I’m not sure about that.  I feel like I’m at the limit of what I can handle.

Dear Mother in Law is still in the hospital.  CAT scan report left questions, so she needs some biopsy work done, but she’ll have to be transferred to Abilene.   Ernie has been going back and forth to Sweetwater to stay with her and to be able to talk to the Dr.  That’s 230 miles round trip.  He’s tired and sore from all the riding/sitting.

I’m still nursing a hurt wing.  Have appt with the ortho surgeon on the 4th.   The steroid injection doesn’t seem to have helped my shoulder, so I’m taking anti-inflammatories and the occassional pain pill.  Today has been a 2 pill day…and I’m still hurting.

Needless to say, no sewing, no canning, no cooking happening here.   Not much time on the computer either as that’s sheer agony.  Makes work not a good place to be.  Driving the van is horrible, but I certainly can’t shift gears in the truck.   I keep telling myself it’s got to get better.   It has to.  I need to be able to drive to DFW area Sunday.

Lots of other stuff going on, none of it good, so if you’re the praying kind, please say a little prayer.

On a positive note,  I have several quilt designs bouncing around in my head.   When I can spend more time at the computer, I’ll be playing in EQ7!

Susan ~ Patchkat