She would’ve been 80…

Mom was quite the character.  In her younger days, she was fiesty and witty.   She was the first woman Draftsman in our city…the City Manager sent her to college!  Can you imagine someone taking a chance on a single Mom with 2 little girls back in the early 50s ?    She learned to use a computer at 65!   She learned about the internet chat rooms and internet shopping.  She burned some plastic!  Let me tell you :-)  We had a lot of fun the last 15 years of her life. 

Mom was talented….she oil painted and won awards.  She made beautiful, realistic 1″-1′ scale doll house miniatures and ran her own business.  She had the most beautiful flower beds and landscaped yards.   She baked the best Pumpkin Chiffon pies for the Holidays and made the absolute best fruit balls.   I remember having the most gorgeous Christmas tree in the neighborhood.    She encouraged us to attend Sunday School and church even though she didn’t go herself.    She was a loving wife, a stern but loving Mom (she spoiled my younger Sister something terrible!)…and she was a quilter.  

She’s been gone for almost 6 years.    I miss the calls, debates and sometimes arguments.   I miss the lunches, the fabric shopping sprees and the mid afternoon trips to Shipley’s Donut shop for lemon filled donuts and coffee.

Yesterday,  Mom would’ve been 80.  

Susan ~ Patchkat



10 responses to “She would’ve been 80…

  1. Hi Suz,

    My memories of your Mom are pretty soft, but I remember what beautiful dark wavy hair she had and how pretty she was. She seemed so tall in contrast to my tiny (4′ 10″) mother. Four year old girls are very impressionable! :) I can hardly believe my own mother has been gone almost 30 years! It’s incomprehensible. It feels as though I could reach out and touch her my memories of her are as clear as if I had seen her this morning. I guess that’s why we are never truly parted from those we love, they are so much a part of us we cannot be divided. Sending a big hug, you are in my thoughts. Love, Auntie Deb

    • Auntie Deb, She was always beautiful to me. She died with her natural dark wavy hair…just not much of it from the chemo.

      You’re right on the memories…

      Hugs back at ya!

  2. your mom sounds like a gem. kudos to you for keeping those great memories fresh! (and thanks for sharing them with us)

    • For those who knew her…she was a “rough cut” a lot of the time, lol. But she was a good woman.

    • Oh Karyl….how she loved chat when we first started…you, Jazy, Sharon…she had more fun.

    • Wish you could’ve too. She sure wanted to make Houston to meet everyone. Just didn’t happen.