Okay…who wants to volunteer?

Need a volunteer to trim blocks, lol.   Have all these little HSTs that I need to trim for the star points on my crumb stars.  

It has been suggested that I need to buy a “GO” to help with my cutting.   I don’t think the “GO” will help with the trimming.   I’m sure it would help with the initial cutting of the squares.  

Can’t see me purchasing one just yet….I’ll wait for some feedback on how everyone else likes theirs and how much it helps.  SO ~~~  if you have an opinion about the “GO” cutter,  leave a comment!

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Okay…who wants to volunteer?

  1. I wish I could tell you that I have played a lot with mine, but I am enrolled in a summer session at school and between that and work I do not have as much time for quilting as I would like.

    I have used it to cut strips and it does a much better job on them than I could ever think about doing. The triangle dies have the corners trimmed off when they are cut so there is not supposed to be any more trimming necessary.

    Of all of the blogs that I have read, I have not heard of anybody not liking theirs.

    • Terry, thanks for your opinion. All the info I can find supports the “it’s a good thing” theory.