Dashing Around

From EQ7 design to a completed quilt top!  It’s 60″ x 84″.   Think  it turned out pretty good and worked up quickly.   It helped that I already had the churn dash blocks.   I think this one will make a good guy quilt.

Susan ~ Patchkat


10 responses to “Dashing Around

  1. I like both colorations, but the one on the left is my favorite. My DHs favorite would be the one on the right….he’s a blueee person.

    Looks like your having fun with EQ7…smile.

    • Wish I could’ve found a brighter gold in my stash…and that the original churn dash blocks had been a little brighter. Those were during the days of “let’s do CW repros” type swaps.

    • Sure is. I auditioned alternate block fabrics as I thought originally that I’d use green….NOT. EQ is a handy tool.

  2. How right your are – it looks like a ‘guy quilt.’ Like your second block with the churndases.
    Barb in MI