An accomplishment ~ or maybe two!

For starters,  I took today off.   I watered the garden, picked off more tomato horn worms, sprayed SEVEN to get rid the grasshoppers.   Garden done, I moved indoors where I put up 12 additional half pints of plum jam….for a total of 23 half pints.  I froze 4 cups of pitted plums and 4 cups of juice.  The plums are GONE!  Yeah!  I was getting really sick of pitting those puppies.  Next should come peaches, pears, figs, and finally, apples.  I’ll look forward to working with all of them as they arrive in our kitchen from neighbors who have way  more than they can use :-)  Gotta love the small town life.

I got the kitchen cleaned after a week of canning…(what a disaster), and we rearranged part of the big walk in pantry to have a dark place for the jams to be stored.

Finally,  some fun!  I finished assembling my “Mini Bytes” quilt top.  It will finish out at 60″ x 73″, not quite as long as I wanted, but it’s certainly okay.   All the edges are bias.  I know I’ve stretched them, just couldn’t be helped in all that diagonal piecing.   I’m going to spray it down and let it dry before I quilt.   I’m hoping to load it on Maggie May and quilt tomorrow.

I even cleaned off my desk/sewing table in the sewing room.  I’m so ready to empty more stuff out of there and have room to really move around.   Wonder if a quilter ever has enough room? 

Tonight may be kick back and hand stitch bindings on a couple of quilts.

Susan ~ Patchkat