Up to my ears in plums!

I finished the second batch of plum jam…need to pit the plums for the next two batches, but that’s going to wait until tomorrow.   I took tomorrow off for jamming and some quilting time for ME.

We’ve been eating peppers, tomatoes and onions from our garden.  Salads have been good!   Neighbors are keeping us in squashes.  They’re starting to harvest okra and corn, and black eyed peas.  Maybe some of those will overflow into our kitchen too!   Our green beans are flowering, but not a bean in sight.

On a positive note, most of the pecan trees are loaded.  That’s wonderful as we haven’t had pecans for the last 2 years.

Our favorite…the Mahan is full again.  Now we need enough rain to fill them out.  These are large soft shelled pecans.  Good eating.  We also have about 4 native pecan trees…tiniest little pecans imaginable…and the absolute best eating to be had!  They’re full of flavor and make the best pies.

Susan ~ Patchkat