Ernie and PB, PB and Ernie…almost inseperable in PB’s mind.   If Ernie lays down, PB feels she must get up in his face and lay on him.    Somewhat a fuzzy photo, but it’s the best of the batch I took.

I think she wants him to pay attention to her rather than watching the TV…silly girl!  She’s definitely Ernie’s cat.  Come to think of it, for 11 years or so, since we got her in Saudi Arabia, she’s always been his cat!

Susan ~ Patchkat



Plums anyone?

The neighbors brought several bags of plums Sunday.  I trayed them to allow a few to ripen, and finally sat down last night to pit them…pitting done,  ready to start cooking down ~ while they were cooking,  I got my jars boiling and set everything up to fill.

Looked like they had thickened up nicely, got them jarred and in the BWB for the required 15 minutes.  Don’t they look pretty…

Looks can be deceiving…this morning, they are still runny :-(  

So,  after I get dinner going,  I’m going to empty these back into the pan,  do some more cooking, add some pectin or something, rewash jars and start over.   This was only the first batch…I have at least 2 more batches from what I already pitted and now,  I have 2 more large trays waiting to be pitted!   I couldn’t say “no” after the neighbor went to the trouble to pick them and deliver…could I ?

Susan ~ Patchkat