Monday’s design wall

is full of Churn Dash blocks from an old guild swap.  

These are 12.5″ blocks and will probably become a charity quilt.   Think I have 23 blocks.   I might need to make 1 more for an adult size.

Or maybe I’ll sash them, as there is a slight difference in a couple of the blocks.

If I set them with some sort of alternate block,  I would have enough for 2 children’s quilts!  

Time to play in EQ7 :-)    Just any old excuse, ROFLOL!!!


Okay…so how about this one?  Kinda looks like woven ribbon….and I’d only need 18 Churn Dash + 17 of the 9 Patch.  Easy Peasy.

That leaves 5 blocks…. and with a little work…then we have a baby blanket!







Susan ~ Patchkat 


4 responses to “Monday’s design wall

  1. I like the churn dashes with the 9-patch blocks setting; very pretty and the secondary design is great.

    • Thank you Tea…I’m digging through my stash looking for the fabric to make this one! I hope I have something in the right shades of gold/blue and grey.

    • Thanks. Me too. I’ll have to search the stash for the perfect fabrics for the alternate blocks.