and the relaxed kitty saga continues

with little Ebby who is ending her stay in the house.  To look at her, one would think she “belongs” inside (and in her mind, Ebby *knows * she is a house cat)

We have no idea why she’s draped over the sofa arm, but it must’ve felt good on her belly.  It’s been nearly 2 weeks since she was spayed and her belly looks all healed.  

She was sound asleep when I snapped this photo.   When I moved around to the front, she opened her eyes and looked at me like ” what ??? haven’t you ever seen a kitty sleep?”  After this photo,  I let her sleep.  She just looked so cute, I couldn’t resist the photo op.

We’re starting to let her out again.  She stayed out the other afternoon for about half hour…then she got into a tussle with the big Tom and was ready to come back into the house.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “and the relaxed kitty saga continues

    • Yes, I would say Ebby is in her “nirvana” state of mind. She’s so funny for such a little kitty. In her own mind, she’s the biggest, baddest kitty on the block.

      I started an English Paper Pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden about 5 years ago…and I think I have about 25 flowers made. I’m adding the “pathway” to them, going to set them together and be done with it. May just be a little table runner. I’m done messing with the UFO piles. Just want to finish them as quickly as possible and move on.