Those dreaded tomato hornworms ~~~

I went out and checked the tomatoes and we’re having lots of defoliation on the plants…and I knew the culprit(s) were out there munching away.  

Sure enough, in the cool (80°) morning air,  I found 3 LARGE (4″) wormies happily munching away.   I dispatched them.   They will never be able to drop to the ground, burrow in, pupate or become Sphinx Moths.  


Are there more out there?  I’m sure of it.  We found 2 little baby ones the other evening, so a new batch of eggs had hatched.  

We ARE going to eat tomatoes this year whether these critters like it or not!

I did freeze 2 qt bags of diced tomatoes and a qt bag of sliced banana peppers.  I love having those bags in the freezer to yank out when I want to make stews or salsa….still fresh from the garden taste and all.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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