New Fabrics, New Blocks!

EQ7 has both!!!   I played and designed last night :-)   I’ll hopefully have more free patterns to offer!   There is not only MORE of everything, lots of new stuff, but …they’ve incorporated the free monthly fabric libraries (that we had to go download) in the regular fabric library.    There are lots of new “button” options for navigating around and coloring things.   Just really cool!  

Looking at the fabrics makes me want to do some shopping, but…I’m NOT going to give in to the tempation!  No matter how much that enabler Denise tempts me!

My stash will have to work for my new ideas :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “New Fabrics, New Blocks!

  1. Long distance enabling just isn’t as effective! LOL Good thing we are not closer – at least good for the checkbook. :-) But it’s hard to resist when seeing all those new fabrics in EQ7! Fun fun fun