Those dreaded tomato hornworms ~~~

I went out and checked the tomatoes and we’re having lots of defoliation on the plants…and I knew the culprit(s) were out there munching away.  

Sure enough, in the cool (80°) morning air,  I found 3 LARGE (4″) wormies happily munching away.   I dispatched them.   They will never be able to drop to the ground, burrow in, pupate or become Sphinx Moths.  


Are there more out there?  I’m sure of it.  We found 2 little baby ones the other evening, so a new batch of eggs had hatched.  

We ARE going to eat tomatoes this year whether these critters like it or not!

I did freeze 2 qt bags of diced tomatoes and a qt bag of sliced banana peppers.  I love having those bags in the freezer to yank out when I want to make stews or salsa….still fresh from the garden taste and all.

Susan ~ Patchkat


New Fabrics, New Blocks!

EQ7 has both!!!   I played and designed last night :-)   I’ll hopefully have more free patterns to offer!   There is not only MORE of everything, lots of new stuff, but …they’ve incorporated the free monthly fabric libraries (that we had to go download) in the regular fabric library.    There are lots of new “button” options for navigating around and coloring things.   Just really cool!  

Looking at the fabrics makes me want to do some shopping, but…I’m NOT going to give in to the tempation!  No matter how much that enabler Denise tempts me!

My stash will have to work for my new ideas :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat