A recent phone conversation

Ernie:   Did you see the snake in the carport ?

Me:     noooo…WHICH carport ?

 Ernie:  YOUR’S….

Me:     NO!!!  What kind, where, how big????

Ernie:  Don’t know, it’s a dead one.  Might’ve been a Copperhead.

This is what I found on my carport when I arrived home. 

It was about 15″ long, had fangs (Rattlesnakes have fangs..Copperhead have teeth), and the Fire Ants had stripped it bare.  One of the cats probably killed it and brought it up.  I’m thinking it was venomous and hoping whoever killed it didn’t get bitten.  I’m ready for snake season to be over this year!  I’m getting paranoid to even walk out of the house.  :-(     Now I have to sweat getting in the van????

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Snakes…ick

  1. No way no how coming to your house!!! LOL Unless Ernie lets me wear his hip waders!

    • ROFLOL! We do have almost knee high muck out boots. Do we wear them? Only when it’s really messy outside. Trick is to come while the snakes are denned and sleeping.