Let me entertain you!

That’s got to be this guy’s motto.   He sings his heart out all day long…and way into the evening.  He has a great repertoire.   He’s caught me looking often when he bursts into song from an unfamiliar (to me) bird.   I get the binnoculars and look…only to find…the Mockingbird!   Score another one for him!

I’ve never seen or heard more than one at a time around here.  They must be somewhat territorial.

While I was shooting pictures yesterday,  Ernie was slopping the neighbor’s wild hogs.  They’re almost tame now…they come running and squeal at you for food.  They stand up on the side of their cage and you can pet them.   NOT. 

Here’s the brown one…there’s also a black one who was camera shy.   They stand about 18″ tall and are probably 2′ long.   STINK?   ARGH!  FLIES?  More than you could possibly count.   These little guys are on the neighbor’s 4th of July menu.   I’ll honestly be glad when they move out of the neighborhood.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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