Stashbusting…not so good this past week

Hmm..these numbers look nearly identical to last week’s (I made a small purchase at the quilt show)….that’s because I have not sewn a thing all week long…been in the kitchen canning.  Fresh fruits and produce won’t wait till I’m ready,  have to work on their time table or risk losing them. 

Yardage purchased this week – 1.25 yds 

Yardage used this week –     9.25 yds

Year to date purchased –  69.75 yds

Year to date used  (goal 300 yds) – 215.25 yds 

old UFOs finished ytd  (goal 10) – 6

 Charity quilt tops ytd (goal 30) – 17

Today,  I got a lead on plums….so I’ll probably take my bucket and go see about them.  If they’re ready, then I’ll make some plum jam and fix some for the freezer for tortes and cobblers.

Susan ~ Patchkat



5 responses to “Stashbusting…not so good this past week

  1. I don’t understand WHY you didn’t get more sewing done. Not like you’ve had anything else to do. :-) Yum to those jams. I’ll pass on the relish and tho I’m not a huge fan of zucchinni, the pizza sounds good so I think I’ll have to give it a try. Your pantry will be well stocked. One tomato here is starting to get blossoms and the pepper as well but at least is strawberry season finally here so I’ll have to hit the farmers market on Wednesday.

    • you might want to consider 2 crusts and going thinner…otherwise you end up with more of a quiche. Ernie and I like it thick, but not everyone does.

      The relish is good too. IF you like sweet relish, lol.