Another first

I planted Ice Carnival Lilies this year…and the first one has finally bloomed!  It’s all creamy white with a lime green center!   Pretty cool looking.  I’m trying to decide what I want for beds and which flowers I want to plant together.   I’m thinking this particular lily will look good against a wall with moon flowers behind and sedum in front….and for a punch of color,  maybe a mass of bright orange zinnias.

The asparagus has ferned out and the Hostas are on their 3rd year and looking good!  They did bloom last year, so I knew what to expect.   I think their flower stems are very graceful looking.   They like the shady side yard and have thrived in 14″ pots since I’ve planted them.  They stay outside all winter next to the shed under a wooden horse trough.  A 2″ layer of leaves falls to cover the dirt.  I need to read up about dividing them as I think these need to be divided into 2 more pots. 

Our problem has been the shade…almost all of our yard is shaded by pecan trees and we have to look for areas of sun for the lilies and stuff that likes sun.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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