Abilene Quilt Show!!!

Wanda and I prowled the vendor booths first.   Today’s finds….a Laurel Birch Kitty Purse, 5 FQs and lunch.   Oh…and there’s that little “I Love Quilts” sign for my quilting room.

The show was full of beautiful quilts and a fair number of vendors.   There were 3 dealers with quilting systems, a vintage fabric/embellishment vendor, a jewelry vendor and untold fabric dealers.   Fun!   I got to actually SEE some of the new lines….that doesn’t happen in our area very often.

We strolled the quilt exhibits and I snapped some photos of Wanda’s quilts.  Let’s start with her Guild Flower Challenge.   Each person made a quilt with the theme of “If I were a flower, what would I be”…and they used colors to match their initials. Wanda’s was Iris using purple, green and yellow (no,  I don’t remember the paint chip names to match her initials, lol).   She did raw edge applique with lots of thread work on the flowers and the grasses at the bottom.   She didn’t win the guild award, but she sure won my viewer’s choice award!

Then we have the TQP ROMP challenge from years past…using the Totally Tubular book.  She actually finished her quilt and quilted it when she was here in April.  Turned out lovely!  

Wanda also had this year’s TQP 2 Color Challenge Quilt hung…and I got a cute picture of Wanda too!check out the crocheted hat she’s wearing.  She actually paid good $$$ for that!  Will be a cute but not very practical gardening hat.

Here’s a better picture of her blue and cream quilt.  It was too big and they had to fold it to hang it, but you can still see the pattern…I think it’s gorgeous!  She told me I couldn’t have this one. 

We had lunch,  I went around and snapped a few more shots, then it was time to beat feet home for tonight’s Community Dinner.


Susan ~ Patchkat


10 responses to “Abilene Quilt Show!!!

  1. Does Wanda do her own quilting? Tell her the quilting on the blue and yellow quilt is fabulous!

    • The blue and yellow quilt was professionally quilted by K. Riester in Tye, TX. She does beautiful work!

    • The hat is just fun! Told her she needs to change the ribbon color so it will show up, pin back the brim and add a big floppy flower.

  2. Is the Wanda in your picture, Wanda Brewer? I have been seeing her name and been in swaps with her over the years and never had a face to put with it.

  3. Love WW’s hat! quite the southern belle. :-) All of her quilts turned out fantastic — even that TT. LOL I really love her TQP challenge from last year. I picked up the pattern/templates to do one but haven’t had a chance to start on it yet.

    • It did turn out really pretty and Kathryn did a lovely job of quilting. Lots of feather work in the cream part.