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Got Ebby home from the vet.  No more kittens for her.   She’s still a little groggy and bound to be sore.  We’ll kennel her in the house for a few days to let her heal without the toms bothering her.   Blondie is chafing under his enforced house stay.  Maybe he’ll get to go out tomorrow.  I’m hesitant, but I know we can’t keep him in forever.

While Ernie was out washing out the kennel,  I prowled the garden.   The tomatoes are looking terrific…the leaves are looking bad.  It’s something fungal and I don’t want to spray as we couldn’t eat the tomatoes.  We’ll have to rig some shade for them to keep the fruit from sun scalding until we can get the plants treated.   While I was fuming over the leaves,  I found….

Looks pretty fat and sassy, doesn’t he…just munching away on the tomato leaves.  I pinched his leaf off and he went out into the street.  There’s another one out there  on another plant, but I haven’t found it yet.

It’s hard to garden around here.   We have armadillos digging up around the plants for the worms and raccoons out to filch what they can.   The deer haven’t discovered us yet…but give it time!

The peppers are doing well too!   We have 5 assorted banana pepper plants (all loaded) and 2 bell peppers.  This is the first time we’ve had bells get almost as large as the store bought ones.  I’ll pick this one come the weekend.   There are 3 or 4 hanging on the sweet red pepper plant, but they’re still dark green.  It will be awhile before they turn.

I love the gardening season!   I’m already thinking ahead to a Fall garden.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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