Isn’t life funny!

My nice Lady Boss did a radio interview this AM for the Burkett HS Reunion next weekend.   I missed the interview, so I emailed the station to get their “stream” address.   Unfortunately,  they don’t currently have one, so I couldn’t listen to her interview.   BUT…the interviewer, Station Manager, signed his name when he answered my email…and it was a family name I recognized!!!  

SO…I emailed him again, asked him if he was related to the folks in Brownwood.  

YEP.  A distant relation to these folks…this is the combined Cavel-Haynes family photo from the early 1900s.  This photo was taken in Thrifty, TX. 

Joe is a Haynes, I was a Cavel.    We’re both distantly related to the new Mayor of Brownwood, TX.    There was a great, great Aunt Pauline still living in Brownwood several years ago that I visited with…she was a Daughter of this Cavel-Haynes union.

This is Pauline’s mother, Bessie, about 1950…she married  and outlived Edward Haynes. 

Just a little walk down the genealogy path…and a reminder of what a small World we live in!   I didn’t know I had ANY relatives here and I’ve now come in contact with 2 GGAunts, 2nd and 3rd cousins…and now,  Joe.  How cool is that?   

Susan ~ Patchkat