Bountiful Harvest…

We’ve gotten our first real tomatoes (Early Girl) and the Sweet & Hot Banana Peppers…and the last of a poor onion crop!   Green beans are blooming too :-)   The aspargus sent up the stringy shoots that need to make the fern tops for next year’s crop.  Guess that means they’re done!

The nice Boss Lady brought straight neck and crook neck squash yesterday and a sack full of apricots.   We had fried squash with last night’s dinner and I’ve got to figure out what to do with the apricots tonight. 

Thinking I’ll just put them up so I have them for cobbler later.    I love Spring and Summer when the fruits and vegetables are fresh from the garden…even if it’s not from OUR garden!

Susan ~ Patchkat

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Cats and snakes don’t always mix

Blondie and a rattlesnake tangled Sunday night late…we were at the vet by midnight.  I just brought one very lucky little kitty home this evening.

I think he looks pretty happy.  He’s only 1 year and 3 days old….and very, very lucky according to the vet.

He’ll be on antibiotics for 10 days, and hopefully, he’ll leave the snakes alone. 

His leg and foot look much better today.   The uppermost spots on his leg are fang marks.  There is substantial blood bruising on his paw.   The foot was swollen as tight as the skin would go by the time we got to the vet.

Blondie is the second of our kitties to tangle with slithery serpents.    Muckley got bit by a copperhead a year or so ago.   Ernie found that one and blew it to kingdom come.  We haven’t found the rattler yet.  He did spend all day yesterday looking for it though.   Now,  we’re carrying the 410 everywhere…wanting the snake to show it’s self.

Susan ~ Patchkat