meanwhile…down in the Onion Field

This is the patch that Ernie didn’t mow.  Look at all the coreopsis out there!  This batch is shorter since it got mowed several weeks ago, but the plants decided to bless us with blooms anyway!

This is same field, just a tiny bit closer view.  The cows have tromped all through the flowers the last few days, so they look kind of spotty.

Still pretty and now, they’ll set seed and reseed themselves for the next wet Spring.  Cool.


Susan ~ Patchkat



Design wall Monday

Okay, so it’s really a design Desk this time.  My wall is still full of the “mini bytes” rows.    These are some ancient 9 patch blocks that I want to make into stars. 

You’ll notice these are positive/negative 9 patches.  Same fabrics in alternate positions for each set of blocks.

I keep thinking about the color for the star points.   Want them all the same to unify the quilt.

The other thing I’m thinking about is Cutting them apart and adding strips between the segments, then reassembling.   Just a thought.   Somewhere, there is another stack of the same size 9 patch blocks…so have a bunch to play with when I decide what I want to do.

Susan ~ Patchkat

America Rising –

I don’t normally express much opinion on the political front.    Just thought it was interesting that the party that caused this is now doing an about face.

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