iPods and iTunes

~~~  I love my iPod ~~~  

in the World of fancy gadgets, this is one of my absolute favorites.   Ernie gave this one to me for a birthday 4 years ago.   She’s made numerous trips to/from El Paso and Ft. Worth…just playing her hear out!   She’s full of audio books and a little bit of music.  I say she’s full, but it’s not even showing I’ve made a dent in the available space…and there must be about 20 very large books and maybe 600 songs.

I use iTunes and Audible.com (no affiliation, etc…just a happy consumer) to get the books I want and to have them available to upload to the iPod.

The iPod goes everywhere with me in a little case.  Her ear buds are clipped on the case and she normally resides in my purse. 

There is a device in the van to hook her up to…that utilizes the van speakers. 

I have little speakers in the sewing room so I can listen while I sew.  I’ve passed many a happy hour with the iPod and my sewing machine!    Great toys!

I’ve been following the discussions about the iPad.  It looks really interesting, but this gal has been good to me and I guess I’ll stick with her till she quits.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “iPods and iTunes

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I LOVE my MP3 and I would be lost without out. I don’t put any music on it, just books. I have an Audible account, too! Plus I have a free audio book account with my library online which offers 1,000’s of books. Even my sewing room has speakers like yours!
    I do my housework, garden or sewing with ear pieces attached to my head!

  2. We do the same thing. We have lots of books on ours and I don’t think it will ever be full. We are satisfied Audible customers, too. My son-in-law recently told me that I could get e-books from the library. We are taking a short vacation in July and I think I’ll check out what the library has to offer.