and then there were none – :-(

We lost the last kitten this afternoon.   We tried supplimenting, but the  kitten was too small (3 weeks) to make it without Miss Ebby’s care and feeding.   Miss Ebby tried to clean and care for him, but her milk was gone.

So a little prayer sent up for the soul of an unnamed kitten.

Patchkat ~ Susan


4 responses to “and then there were none – :-(

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry about that poor last little kitty. Ebby must be sad to have all her babies gone. First time mothers often don’t produce a lot of milk, but you never know what she might have gotten into that made her babies sick in ways you couldn’t readily see.

    When we had the kennel we lost several newborn pups and vet post-mortems never could identify the cause, except some just don’t thrive. I was always gutted by losing a pup, or a kitten, the times when I took on the job of hand raising kittens.

    Big hugs,
    Aunt Deb

    • Ebby is the first kitty Momma I’ve had experience with not having enough milk. Even those that were on their first litter. I think her age and general health were against her being a successful Mommy.