A little more of our neighborhood

I wish I knew the history of all the houses and buildings in Burkett.  This house belongs to a neighbor.  It’s been unoccupied for the last 7 years at least.   The house was built in stages and I’m not sure which part was first!  I’m thinking there was a tiny house  (back section of peaked roof), then the Bus was added along with the smaller peaked roof and the little add-ons on the back.   Next maybe was the front part of house, then the carport.  Or I could be all wrong.   I bet the gingerbread trim on the carport posts were suggested by a “Mrs”.   Something to draw one’s eye away from the bus maybe.

Here’s a closer view of the bus…  I think it might’ve been used as a garage before the carport was added.  Now it’s full of “stuff”.  

There were Burketts living in the house in the early 1900s and it’s still in their possession along with 2 newer homes and quite a bit of pasture acreage across the road from us.  They own the cows that I’m always talking about.  

Someday,  I’ll have to remember to ask about the bus house.  I think it’s pretty unusual!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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