A little “white face” and kitties

Onion field with cows…and when I first walked out,  Ebby was down there with them.  Here, she’s just watching from the wall.  

The white face on the left is the lead Heifer…she’s been coming over and leading the pack for several years…but this time,  she brought her little calf!  He’s sort of inquisitive and pretty skittish.    He’s a cutie, even though he seems a little on the scrawny side.

Of course, the kitties are all interested in the cows in their territory…Peppi and Whitefoot were down in the gully with a yearling bullcalf.   I managed to get this shot of Peppi laying on a rock…obviously thinking she’s well hidden.  NOT.

Some days are really interesting around here.  I enjoy looking out and seeing the critters.   Ernie says there are 3 or 4 more cows and another calf out in the back 40. Cool!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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