Those crazy kitties ~

Little Momo has been renamed to Ebby (Ebony) as her name just didn’t seem to fit…she’s still such a kitten herself.  Ebby loves to get up on the fountain and catch the water!  She will slap at the water coming out of the sprayer, then covers it with her paw. Of course, the water squirts out sideways.  She does this little trick often.  Maybe it’s how she cools down.  She’s quite playful and doing her best to be a good mommy to the remaining kitten. 

I think we’ve decided she doesn’t have much milk which is why the other kittens perished. 

Then there are PB and Blaze who love to sack out on the bed together.  This is like Yin and Yang…  PB loves to “make bread” on Blaze’s belly.    Floppsy snuck in this morning and got his plate of wet food…then he went off to hide.   See where did he hide?   A shoe box at the foot of the bed in plain sight.  He got policed up and put outside after I snapped a picture.  Silly cats.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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Birthday Sunday! Oh my….

Started off with coffee in bed, a gift and card from Ernie, then a whole bunch of cards from the Birthday Club and friends.  There was a package or two…and then time to get ready for Church.    

Since this was 5th Sunday,  we served a meal after services.  I made Frito Salad and Jello cups with whipped cream and fresh fruit.   The Jello cups were a big hit with the kids!      

Ernie insisted on a Birthday picture, so y’all get to see my new hair cut!  I had my stylist whack it off!   It’s very short on the top, over my ears and longer in the back.  Can we say 2 minutes with a round brush and blow dryer? 

Works for me! 

Then there are the goodies…keep in mind,  I got the EQ7 update pre-ordered for my big Birthday gift!   Gotta love my guy!   

Lots of cards from the gals in the TQP Birthday Club…each one with a square of my chosen color (RED) fabric and a siggy square.  A hand crafted card or two from the crafty daughter in WI (scrapbooker extraordinaire!) with a CD of her kid portraits.  A cut wallet, little fob, diachroic glass earrings and a  pattern from a dear friend in WA! A Harry Potter movie that I didn’t have…yes,  I like Harry Potter!  He brings out the mischievious kid in me!!! 

My co-worker made a German Chocolate cake which we’ve been enjoying all weekend!  Our Son called and he and both grands sang their personal versions of “Happy Birthday” to me!  Lots of internet wishes, a Jacqui Lawson card from Auntie Deb… all in all,  a great birthday!  Which one?   Let’s just say I’m 39 forever and leave it there :-) 

Susan ~ Patchkat