Give me the reds ~

This is the year for the RED, RED flowers!   I only wish I had zinnias blooming too!…Big, bright red ones, lol.    This is what’s blooming in the yard today…

These are last year’s new roses…and this year, they’ve shot up about 4′ tall and have been blooming like crazy.   It’s the rain and cooler weather that’s got them going.

Meet “Mr. Lincoln”!  We have 2 bushes and they’re both doing well.   I like using red for the “hot spots” of color in the yard.

There are 2 buckets of these beauties too…Maybe by next year they’ll be in a flower bed.  

This is the 3rd season and you’re seeing their first blooms!  Aren’t they gorgeous.  I think these were called “Crimson Lilies”.   I’m happy with them. 

Can you tell I love RED?   Followed by orange and yellow…I like the hot colors in my flower beds.

Susan ~ Patchkat

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