Birthday Luncheon

Today, the nice Boss Lady and co-workers treated me to lunch at our new Italian restuarant.  Food was good (not spectacular), the wait staff was good (kept the bread basket and tea glasses filled) and the wait for the food was wayyyy tooo long.  We ordered about 12:15, got our food at 12:50.  Not good for the working crowd. 

Oh…as Boss Lady was packing her carry out box, she noticed a fly on her plate…ick.   We teased her about having a fly leg stuck in her teeth and how you have to be careful of the little wings.   It was HER fault all our meals were so slow coming out as they had to catch the flies for her Stromboli! 

Anyhow, the gesture was really nice and we had a fun time.   Ernie came to town to eat with us which is always a welcome treat!


2 responses to “Birthday Luncheon

  1. It sounds like you work with a lovely group of people. Happy Birthday! I hope the fly that stopped by to wish you a happy birthday didn’t camouflage himself in anyone else’s lunch.