Weed Whacker Warrior

We spent most of yesterday outside.  Started off pulling weeds in the gardern.  Then the Weed Whacker Warrior fired up his trusty Whacker and dispatched everything over 2″ high in the side yard and down in our gully.   Not to be outdone,  I grabbed the branch loppers and cut all the low hanging branches off the trees in the backyard.  Then we got the tractor/trailer and hauled all the debris down to the burn pile in the back 40.  

When all that was done,  we had to bury another of the baby kitties.  Don’t know what happened to it.  The Mom carried him away from the other two sometime on Friday.  I put them all back together and she immediately moved him off by himself.  All we can figure it that he fell out of the birth box the first time and damaged himself and she quit feeding him.  Sad, but I guess it’s nature’s way.

Was a very busy day and we were two tired people.   Ernie watched some TV and I sewed for awhile.  Then we got interested in am old movie (something about an apple tree and the angel of death coming to get an old grandpa) and it was 1am!  

Susan ~ Patchkat


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