Even more wildflowers.

I’m trying to make a photo file of all the wildflowers we’ve found on our tiny acreage…here are a few more that I found yesterday.

This one is a Cutleaf Yellow Primrose.  The flowers are about 1″ wide and a very soft yellow.

Purple Globe Thistles.  We don’t have many, but there are several little plants down in the onion field.  The bees seem to love them.

This is a White Prickly Poppy.  This one opened yesterday, stands about 30″ tall and there’s a bee in it too. 

Below is a Scarlet Guara.  These are growing in our side yard .  The flowers are smaller than the cultivated variety and there’s a more sprawly green plant rather than a bush like the cultivars.

While I was hiking the onion field,  I had a companion…  yep,  it’s Miss Muckley.   She goes whereever I go..which is probably a good thing, cause she might alert on a slithering snake before I see or hear it.   She’s not overly bright about messing with them though.  She got bit by a Copperhead several years ago.  Vet pumped her full of medication and here she is!  

I have lots more wildflower photos, but I’ll save them for a future post!

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Even more wildflowers.

  1. My weenie dog got bit last year in our backyard by a copperhead. He tries to poke at them. Second time he was bite I thought it was another copperhead, but my DH thinks it was a hornet. Laid him out flat. We thought he was dead.

    DH killed one the other night. I saw it from my bedroom window coming toward the house….yuck! yuck! and Yuck!!!

    Billie in TX

    • Animals sometimes aren’t the brightest colors in the box, lol. I’m just thankful our Muckley survived. The bite was on her chest…way too close to her heart. Gave us a terrible scare. But you know how that is since your dog has had the same experiences.