The Horsemint is blooming!

I saw the first Horsemint blooming the earlier this week…finally stopped to take a few photos this afternoon.  Then I got home to find we have it blooming in our back pasture!  A side shot of this lovely wildflower shows the peculiar layered growing habit.

In addition to the Horsemint, we have a few Larkspur!   I was afraid we had lost our little stands of Larkspur…they’re sparse, but they’re here :-)  Aren’t they pretty.  You may know them as Delphinium…possibly flowers your Grandmother grew.  Mine did.

I stopped on the way home to get this shot.  I love the grasses mixed with the wildflowers.  In this case, it’s Fire Wheels also known as Indian Blankets.

This is our back fence.   It’s all yellow back there.  I think this is either Groundsel , GreenThread, or Coreopsis.   Whatever they are, they’re pretty.   The Brown Eyed Susans are just now blooming, but it was too hot to hike to the onion field for the pictures, lol.  

One more?  How about the wild garlic? I love the little caps on the bloom heads.

Susan ~ Patchkat