The Straight Sets

You saw the “on-point” set on my Design wall yesterday… here are the straight sets and a portion of the on-point to compare….

so….I need your opinions….

Will it be the left side or the right side?   I like them both and can see a quilting pattern in the left one.

Here is the bit of on-point which I also like…it will just take a lot of mathematical garbage for me to figure it all out, lol.

There you have my options.   Leave your comments!

Susan ~ Patchkat


13 responses to “The Straight Sets

  1. I like them all…but, my vote would be for the top left…straight set in bands….no matter which you choose, I love this simple, yet so smart, quilt….

    • Thank you Sherri. I like the bands and that would be my first choice. I think I will have enough blocks to make 2 quilts for the bunkhouse, so I may do 1 straight and 1 on point.

    • Lynne, on-point is always more interesting to look at and the patterns always look more complicated than they are. Thanks for offering an opinion!!!

  2. Looks like I have to agree with the majority: on point! However, if the math hurts too much to do, I like the horizontal lay-out, also. You should probably never give choices!

    • Nah…I asked for opinions…I’ll be happy with the results, lol. I’m thinking I could just do the on-point setting and trim my sides off straight! No triangles to do the math on :-)

    • Looks like it’s an “on-point” quilt! Math will need to wait till I can think without lots of distractions.

  3. There’s an easier way to get the setting triangle shapes without the math. If I remember right your blocks are 3″ x 9″ finished. So in EQ just set a horizontal quilt with 3″ blocks in it since those are the edges you need the setting triangles for. The corner and setting triangles will be the right size for our blocks Then you can print the template to follow when rotary cutting for the setting triangle and corner triangle. :-) You’ll need partial blocks in some rows but if you use a 3″ grid, 3 blocks in the horizontal layout will be one of your pieced blocks. So you can figure out where you would need a 3″ finished partial block. Clear as mud? I’ll send an EQ file back to you showing what I mean to see if that helps. :-)