I can’t stand nervous kitties….

                our kitties always look so stressed….just look at Blaze.  I don’t know how he can stand being so fraught with tension!   This little guy suffered a broken hip early in his life.  They took out the ball that fit in his hip socket and reworked his muscles to hold the hip…look at him now!

Then there’s Blondie…

and his brother, Bear who can and will sleep anywhere

and one of my favorite photos…all of these kitties except PB have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. PB is the black/white top left.  Purr-C is the black/white looking at the camera.  Punkin is top right, Snickles is the calico in the center and her son, Tigger curled up against her.  

This was our fabulous 5 that traveled to/from Saudi with us years ago.  Even then,  we had really stressed out kitties!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “I can’t stand nervous kitties….

  1. It’s just a shame there is so much tension there. I can hear the rumbling of the purrs and it’s very distressing!

  2. You really should look into some intense anti-therapy for these kids. Maybe some Kitty-Prozac would help. Roflol.