Oh the wildflowers!!!

The bluebonnets are done…but now, the Indian Blankets are having their day in the sun…and the Larkspur ….and the yellow flowers (too many kinds to name!)…here are a few shots from the dirt road by our church.

 Aren’t these gorgeous!   I can see how they got their name.   When they’re “in-mass” it looks like a huge woven rug.

 And we know my weakness for purple flowers…holds true for Larkspur too!   I am hoping to gather more seed and scatter them out in our back 40. 

 I don’t know the name for these.  There are so many Yellow wildflowers in our area.   I love the look of the green sepals, the dried seed pots…just a pretty little flower.   There are a lot more species in this area, I just wasn’t willing to wade through knee high grasses (prime snake habitat) to get the shots.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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