Design Wall Monday (okay…it’s still Sunday for a few more hours, LOL)

My friend, Denise, made a “Defrag” quilt that I just love.   I decided to make one similar…except I didn’t like my blocks.  Just way too much white.  TOOOOO MUCH!  See, Denise worked totally scrappy and I decided to be more planned…Wrong!

I decided to cut the blocks down.  I had 3 of each color, and with the cutting,  I’m ending up with 6 of each color combo.   Smaller blocks allows me to mix the colors up better and space them out.  There is still a lot of white, but more color too.

I’m playing with several different layouts.  Tomorrow,  I’ll try a straight set.   The inside border print is black, brown and white geometric.   I have 2 different fabric choices for my last border…unless I change my mind, lol.   I may decide on no borders at all!

This one is going to stay on the wall for awhile while I play with the options.   That danged Denise!  She just causes me all manner of untold woes!  :-)  

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Design Wall Monday (okay…it’s still Sunday for a few more hours, LOL)

  1. Hey I resemble that remark! but you must admit – my working totally scrappy and your controlled scrappy is quite the role reversal for us. LOL It’s looking good tho – like those brights!

    • It is weird! I’m liking the white/brights. Need to go swap them around on my design wall for a few more options.