Design Wall Monday (okay…it’s still Sunday for a few more hours, LOL)

My friend, Denise, made a “Defrag” quilt that I just love.   I decided to make one similar…except I didn’t like my blocks.  Just way too much white.  TOOOOO MUCH!  See, Denise worked totally scrappy and I decided to be more planned…Wrong!

I decided to cut the blocks down.  I had 3 of each color, and with the cutting,  I’m ending up with 6 of each color combo.   Smaller blocks allows me to mix the colors up better and space them out.  There is still a lot of white, but more color too.

I’m playing with several different layouts.  Tomorrow,  I’ll try a straight set.   The inside border print is black, brown and white geometric.   I have 2 different fabric choices for my last border…unless I change my mind, lol.   I may decide on no borders at all!

This one is going to stay on the wall for awhile while I play with the options.   That danged Denise!  She just causes me all manner of untold woes!  :-)  

Susan ~ Patchkat



Stashbusting for the week

wasn’t great, but I did use a little fabric!  I cut the fabric for a new BOM.   This was just enough to test all the blocks and be sure my measurements are correct.  I cut more for the quilt that’s on the design wall (you’ll see it tomorrow, lol).   Not a great amount, but it’s slowly adding up.  I did put a charity top together.  Need to finish the border then I’ll post a picture.  I counted the border fabric in a previous report.

Yardage purchased this week – 0 yds 

Yardage used this week –     3.5 yds

Year to date purchased –  56.50 yds

Year to date used  (goal 300 yds) – 161.25 yds 

old UFOs finished ytd  (goal 10) – 6

 Charity quilt tops ytd (goal 30) – 17

Susan ~ Patchkat

Oh the wildflowers!!!

The bluebonnets are done…but now, the Indian Blankets are having their day in the sun…and the Larkspur ….and the yellow flowers (too many kinds to name!)…here are a few shots from the dirt road by our church.

 Aren’t these gorgeous!   I can see how they got their name.   When they’re “in-mass” it looks like a huge woven rug.

 And we know my weakness for purple flowers…holds true for Larkspur too!   I am hoping to gather more seed and scatter them out in our back 40. 

 I don’t know the name for these.  There are so many Yellow wildflowers in our area.   I love the look of the green sepals, the dried seed pots…just a pretty little flower.   There are a lot more species in this area, I just wasn’t willing to wade through knee high grasses (prime snake habitat) to get the shots.

Susan ~ Patchkat

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