With every cloud…

a little rain must fall.

When I got home today, the first thing I noticed is the little black Mommo kitty was slack sided.   That means she’s had her kittens…she’s a tiny, tiny little girl and has been wild as a March hare.  No catching her to be spayed. 

I followed her into the greenhouse to find her nested in the winter buckets with 5 babies.  Sadly, 2 didn’t survive.

This little wad of black, grey fur is the remaining 3 babies.  They’re tiny.  Almost skin and bones.   I hope she is making milk to feed them. 

Mommo is a first time Mommy and not terribly wise in the ways of Mommyhood.  I’ll take her a little milky water later to help with her milk production.   I’m running a little turbo fan on low in the greenhouse with the window open.  Hoping that will keep it from being so stifling.  Maybe she’ll move them to a cooler place during the night.   We certainly don’t need any more kitties, but I hate to think they would suffer and die.  I’m way too soft hearted.

On a postitive note, she has let me pet her, so maybe we’ll be able to prevent another litter.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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