Our GOD is an awesome GOD! AMEN!

Our revival ended tonight.  The services have been good for us both.   A revival is an opportunity for rededication to serve GOD.   Our GOD is truly an awesome GOD.   HE touches every aspect of our lives.   HE blesses and enriches us daily.   Who else could we say that of??? 

I was looking at the photos on my camera and realized I haven’t posted the ones of our neighbors lovely red rose bush…Did you know that Red roses are to remind us of Christ’s blood?   And that HIS crown of thorns was made from rose branches?

This is a huge (maybe 9-10′ tall) bush that spreads over about a 10′ area.   This bush gets no care…the house has been empty for 5+ years! Absolutely stunning as it’s in full bloom and the brightest red.  The flowers look more pink in my photos, but it’s because I took these with the flash at dusk.  They’re still pretty.   I’ve taken cuttings and hope I can get several to root.   I think I’d love to have some of these on our side fence (that Ernie hasn’t agreed to build yet!)