Rose cuttings

My friend, Sheryl, and I have been discussing taking cuttings from our roses.  Today was the day for me :-)    I mailed her cuttings yesterday! 

First, find spent blossoms, cut off the flowers, cut the bottom at an angle, make slits down the stems, and dip in Root stuff.   Stuff into the potting medium and water well.

I sacrificed an old tyvek mailer to cut tags and marked with a Sharpie permanent marker.  Made little strips, stapled them around the little stems.  So we’re all properly labeled and ready to grow!

Lastly,  outside into the sun, glass cloche in place.  (those wiry wisps on the left are Floppsy’s whiskers!  He wanted to be in the picture too.)  The little cuttings need moisture, fresh air circulating and sunshine.   I’m so impatient…wonder if I can wait the 6-8 weeks it will take to see if anything has rooted????

If any of them do, then I will move them to larger individual pots and baby them through the winter to plant next year.

Pretty painfree way to get more roses!

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Rose cuttings

  1. Thank you for this information. How do I check to see if they have rooted sufficiently to plant outside?

    • Juanita, I started mine in potting soil. When they developed the first new set of leaves, they were ready to start hardening off in semi shaded area with plenty of water. I wouldn’t set them in the ground until the cuttings were at least a year old. Then I’d be very protective of them and be sure they were covered in the winter.