Wwanda’s photos have arrived!

Wwanda just got her photos printed and scanned to me…she took more of the bluebonnets…they’re so gorgeous!   She took this photo in Echo, TX…a tiny little burg that has a Volunteer Fire Dept, a church, the Aerial Spray company…and not much else.   This was the old church and parsonage.   Look at that yard full of bluebonnets! 

Here’s a nice one of Barbara in the bluebonnets!

Wwanda also snapped a picture of our sous chef, Mr. Ernie in his kitchen making coffee.  He kept our coffee pots full, note the bread rising on the stove!      

The bread was cinnamon raisin and was quite yummy!

and then there was shopping at Susie’s Quilt Shop in Brownwood…and I couldn’t turn down a single fabric!  Here are Barbara and I going through a FQ bin.  I was once known as the FQ Queen.

Joanne and Sandy were looking at Cynthia England kits and talking about classes and such…Susie’s is a lovely shop and Stacy couldn’t have been anymore accommodating.


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